Saturday, 12 May 2012

What a day we had two very unique dog overboard drills, a visit from the military, and a jungle walk on Navy Island. Jennie and I went into deal with internet stuff, and got a little stressed about affairs at home. So we went back to the boat for a bite to eat before going for a walk. We were lazy and decided on hotdogs. Jennie went out back to start up the grill and placed the hot dogs on the bimini. Well all of a sudden the dogs are in the drink. Dog overboard! Just as I was getting into the dinghy to rescue our lost processed meat companions, the coast guard/ military came up from their dock a couple hundred yards away."Routine Inspection", "Can we save our hotdogs first?" So I got out and retrieved the hot dogs.

Jennie and I helped the crew tie up their unmarked 30ft speed boat with two 250hp motors on the back. We had to pull out a bunch of bumpers because they didn't have enough. Good thing we were in a dead calm harbour and at anchor. They were busy tying up the boat while their assault rifles lay on the bench in their boat. They kinda all were wearing different uniforms, and one looked like a rap star, sweet shades man! We tied Dexter up, because the head guy informed us that if they felt threatened at all they would eradicate the D. So Dexter was leashed to the cabin trunk. Well the dinghy was on the other side of the boat, so we're sitting going through the paper work and talking to the nice polite Jamaican Coast Guard Officer and Dex tries to jump in the dinghy. The leash pulls him back, he misses his target and now is half in the water looking like an attempted suicide. I leave the info gathering to rescue him. Dog Overboard!

After all this Jennie and I went for a walk on Navy Island. At the moment this island is owned by the Port Authority, but the locals really want someone to build it back into it's formal glory. in the 1700's it was used by the British Navy to refit boats. Then Errol Flynn the famous Hollywood actor was stranded here after his boat was wrecked by a hurricane, and loved the place so much he built a hotel on the island. The property is dishevelled and overgrown now, but it is like walking through the jungle. A really amazing spot. We collected mangoes, and walked through grassy paths overgrown with vines and vegetation. All the while listening to the birds and the sea. It would make a great eco tourist hotel spot. You could snorkel amazing reefs just in front of the island.

It was an entertaining day all around.

 mmmm Mangoes!
 So perdy!
 Swim anyone?

 The home of the ghost of Errol Flynn

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