Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Life's a Beach

Our day started of with a nice sleep in, oh yeah what a treat; however the sweetness did not last. Jennie finally got to wax her legs, local sasquatch were starting to oggle her in the street. Our generator fixed itself so it now can run without the choke on. Things were good so we decided to check out red frog beach and try a little surfing. The dinghy ride was a bit long, but we made it and parked at the dock. It is a resort so we had to cough up $3 each.

The walk to the beach was lovely and there was nice shade and little waves, perfect for learners. I grabbed the board and went out to try. I almost caught a few and bailed a bunch of times. I paddled out to the next set when my arm went to high in a stroke and my shoulder popped out. I knew it even before it was out. I stood up and yelled for help. The life guard on duty didn't move, and had no idea what to do once I was out of the water. Jennie took over, and tried to put my shoulder in, not enough power. Off to the hospital we went. We don't have medical insurance as we heard services were cheap down here, but one time (luckily I was insured) I did the same thing in the states and it would habe cost over $10 000 for the treatment. Nervously I went to the hospital, and waited. I waited for about an hour and a half, then I saw a doctor, he saw my shoulder and we went into the serious room. I had to get x-rays, bummer; when I got there I was helped right away, and received a bill for $10.for.tje x-ray, sweet. 

Then I went back to the room, and a nurse gave me two doses of spanish larazapam. As the first dose was not enough. It took three strong men to finally put my shoulder in after many tries, one was 6'5" 250 pounds. I guess that is why Jennie's attempt didn't work. Bill time, I tipped the big orderly $10 as they were so efficient and helpful. The final hospital bill was $5. 


Water taxi $10 ($7 plus $3 tip)
cab to hospital $2 ($1 plus $1 tip)
x-ray $10
shoulder relocation $15 ($5 for drugs and $10 tip)

total $37

 That beats the hell out of the North American system. Plus it was quicker, friendlier, and there was way less BS. Not bad for dislocating a shoulder on an island 5 miles from the hospital. If we had gotten medical insurance, we would be down the premium, plus $37, as it wasn't over the $2500 deductible.

A side note, the lifeguard didn't even get into the water, Jennie did. He didn't have any med supplies, my sling was a piece of string, and he had no idea what to do. Jennie might volunteer to teach them some basic skills as she has 10 years of life guard experience.

Now time for a nice dinner, well deserved, and a sleep or happy hour, TBD.

Notice the head of the shoulder where my armpit should be, and the metal pins from my previous surgery, too cool.                                                                                                                                                          

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