Wednesday, 30 May 2012

La Cukarachas

Our weapons of choice (Joy of Cooking and Dexter not meant for cockroaches)

Jennie & Dave 1 vs. Cockroach 0

We've got good news and bad. The good news is we have successfully killed one cockroach, the bad another one has been spotted. But have no fear we went on the offensive and with boric acid in hand Dave bathed the little bug in a thick white coat of snowy acid. I just wonder where we will find the body. The first cockroach was found under the grate in the bathroom, the second one is who knows where, but they are showing up dead. Our tactics appear to be working, our first line of defence is the roach traps. We have set out numerous traps, probably more than necessary and were able to kill the first roach. Then we removed all the cardboard boxes and wrapped the extra paper towels in plastic. With the clean up complete we ventured out and brought boric acid, a chemical with a variety of uses.

 Now that the boat has a light layer of boric acid everywhere (guests might think we have a drug problem), I decided to look into how toxic boric acid is, and this is what I found. 5-20g/kg can cause death in adult humans, however it's the long term exposure that poses the greater risk resulting in kidney damage and eventually kidney failure. The long term exposure risk for Dexter is testicular atrophy, the SPCA helped us dodge a bullet on that one.

Now for the fun facts on boric acid:
medical uses (for adults, not to be used on infants)
antiseptic for minor burns or cuts and is sometimes used in dressings or salves
applied in a very dilute solution as an eye wash
vaginal douche to treat bacterial vaginosis due to excessive alkalinity
anti-bacterial compound
acne treatment
prevention of athlete's foot
ear infection in both humans and animal

Nuclear power
Neutron poison, boric acid will slow down the rate of fission

So many random and wonderful uses for boric acid. The most important in my mind is the elimination of our cockroach problem. I don't think I will be attempting any of the alternative uses, unless Japan needs our help with a nuclear meltdown. Just another example of cruising testing your patience and inginuity.

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