Thursday, 3 May 2012

Here are some pics that Ted and Nancy from Aloha Friday took from the point as we came in the tricky entrance to Emerald Bay Marina. It was lucky that a large set had just past us, so the waves were manageable. However the beach was right in front of us, we had breakers on both sides and had a tiny dredged channel in which we had to go sideways to the swell in. We had never entered here before, in fact we hailed a motor yacht in front of us just to find the entrance. There were 3 sets of buoys and reported 14 ft deep. We made it, mostly because we had hove to to let the 100ft motor yacht go in first. So when surfing into a 100ft wide channel, have your jib as if you were hove to, and motor in, it keeps the boat stable but doesn't add speed.

These pics were taken over a two minute period by Ted and Nancy and look awesome! I remember seeing them on the point thinking, oh great I have an audience to see me mess up.

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