Thursday, 3 May 2012

Apres Regatta, everyone for the most part spent a windy sunday hunkered down, and nursing their hangovers, but life soon got interesting. The problem was on Monday we got a serious system that came through. About 3 inches of rain fell throughout the day, and it was cloudy and very very windy. People were clocking above 35 knots. By the end of the day everyone had spent two days locked up inside, and were getting a little crazy. Jennie and I started playing music on channel 68 on the vhf, which is the cruiser hailing channel. Then people started talking and saying jokes, and some got a little weird. The next day everyone was out getting ready for the upcoming weather window.

We hanged out with our friends Scott and Paula, and did some grocery shopping. We go through everything before it leaves the dinghy. Well three of four mac and cheeses had weevils, and this freaked Jennie out a little. We jettisoned the cargo, and were glad nothing else was wasted. We go through a bleaching process for all fruit, vegetables plastic, and no cardboard makes it across the gunnels.

We also found out the pay phones outside Batelco, don't take cash of any sort. We went inside and they looked at us like we were crazy. A young gentleman working there came out, and it was confirmed, no accept deniro.

We drank the most in Georgetown, it is like a cruisers club med. It was a little dificult to decide to leave, but we had a very unique weather window to go after. We have to wait for the winds to go below 25 knots in the windward channel, but then we also can'tt wait till they are too weak or we miss the last of the trades in the Caribbean Sea for three weeks.

We left today (Thursday) for Emerald bay marina, which is cheap and has free laundry, nice! Our trip up here was a bit wild. We were heading north west with 3 ft waves and 20 knots of wind coming from the east, and 6 to 8 ft swells hitting our beam from the north east. We were getting tossed about in this washing machine, The rail was getting thrown into the water and we took a few breakers over the side, not cool. Then we had to enter this obscurely marked entrance, luckily a 100 ft power yacht was coming behind us, so we hove too (it's amazing how much calmer it is hoved too) and followed him in. We had no idea where the actual entrance was, there were just a couple buoys marking it. So we surfed these breakers in till be were in 14 foot of water and about 50 ft from land, then turned hard to port as waves were breaking at our side. Suddenly we were in, and we needed to get the buoys and lines out. We pulled in nicely to our berth, and were are now thinking of letting the swells die down a day, otherwise it would be a tough motor into them for 6 to 8 hrs, and this way we don't leave on a friday.

Fair winds and following seas folks!

Dexter started digging his face into the sand like a pig.

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