Saturday, 14 April 2012

We had a Berry Good Time

We had a Berry Good Time

After setting the hook in crystal clear 9 ft waters, we colapsed into a pretty decent sleep. Our anchorage os a little rolly, and a bit shallow for our liking, but it is probably the best one around, without paying for a mooring ball or the expensive fees at Chub Cay. Low tide had us swung around in shallower waters in 7 ft of depth which is shallow, but still gave us a ft. The deeper water is a little more bouncy.

Today I managed to listen to Chris Parker giving some advice on weather for subscribed cruisers. They call up, tell their vessel name and location, then tell Chris where they are andwhere and when they're going. He pretty much tellsthem the weather for their specific area. To me it seem a little spoon fed, but he does tell what the weather forecast looks like which helps when you don't have wifi access. Tomorrow looks to be north west winds, if this is so we might get to sail unassisted. Fingers crossed.

I replaced the fuel filters. I had put tank cleaner in the tank, and we have used a lot of fuel so as expected the filters looked rough. I also managed to find the (a) fuel leaking culprit, a (governor?) screw on the side of the fuel injector pump. Now she runs and idles better, and leaks less. I also fixed the bilge pump issues. Better wiring and a tighter seal on the hose. I still have the smaller pump in there, but it works. I should probably get a new backup.

Today we put the dink in the drink and headed over to Bird Cay for exploring and a walk. The water is so clear Dexter miss judged the shore by about 50 ft, and had to swim in. He was so happy to be onthe beach, I have never seen him so relaxed. He chewed trees and buoys, and was dunking his head under water looking for old conch shells to take to the beach. He will put his head under water and look around for stuff, but he doesn't like swimming. Then we walked along this old road, we never did get to the ocean side, to much bush.

Sweaty and hot we went back to the boat. Jennie and I suited up for a snorkel. Time to.check out the damage done to the boat. It turns out the bottom of the keel no longer has much paint, and the front of the keel might have lost a bit of fiberglass on an old repair job. Luckily no metal is showing and no water is leaking into the boat. Just a scratch.

We got a nice downpour tonight to wash the salt off, but the winds died and the humidity rose. We have our westerly, hopefully it holds out during the night, a nice broad reach would be a glorious  change. We've been pounding into the wind for the last 150 miles, and Cypraea is not the best at it. However with the wind at her heels she's a different boat. We don't even need to steer, just trim the sails well and watch the waves.

Off to Nassau tomorrow, load up on stuff before our next real provisioning in Panama.

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