Saturday, 24 March 2012

The waiting game

We chilled out in lake worth, by the inlet for a few days as we waited for our part to arrive. Pretty dull, watched some shows and the giant yachts go by. One time I got called out of the cabin as a speed boat cruised by pumping loud music, but the boat wasn't too the only thing pumping.. Oh my. Southern Florida is crowded and full of boats without much room. So sometimes you see things you probably wish you hadn't.

We then motored up to North Lake Worth to pick up our part. First thing we noticed was there are lots of boats and very little to accommodate those at anchor. We went into the dinghy dock to find it gone, so we tied to a fence and walked a few miles to the post office we asked the part to be sent to. The lady didn't think it was there as they were a small mall post office and it was probably at the big office across the street. So there we went to be helped (I use this term loosely) be the worst service. She told us our package was delivered, ie someone picked it up. It was picked up a couple hours after their office received it. We called her on her bs, but she just kept pointing at delivered. So we asked who to? Was there a signature. "nope,.nope, none needed" So someone just randomly stole our very specific part 3 hrs after it got to the office with fake id's saying our last name......

We went back to the small office and caught the lady just before lunch, and we found it. She was super helpful, and it appears that the package was scanned wrong. The USPS, wow. But as with any bureaucracy you just need to find the one person who takes their job seriously, and as a representation of who they are, not just getting a pay check.

It rained one night lake crazy for about an hour or two. The rain was we have two 6 inch wide scuppers on the boat and the water was pouring out of both of them about 1 inch high a stream. I decided to pump out the dinghy ( 3 inches of water in 1 hr), and while doing so have a bath, Jennie caught me in the act. It sure felt good on the sunburn though.

We headed back loaded up on food, and got ready to make our way south. The intention to get to Miami for a crossing to Bimini.

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