Monday, 26 March 2012

Toss a Coin

Last night we moved off the dock and to the other side of the marina where they have dredged a nice anchorage, which will soon probably be more docks. For now we enjoy plenty of depth, and good holding.

One of our neighbours in our little anchorage is another young cruising "couple" "aquaintance" anyways a young guy and girl on a 27ft alberg. Their gypsy ways deffenitly put cruising in context. He bough his boat for $500, and plans to sail to his soon to be new home in Luperon Dominican Republic. He even loaded up on small outboards to get his mechanics business off the ground when he gets there. So for those of you who ask what it costs to go cruising, I definately depends on the luxuries you require.

So last night we moved off the dock, onto the hook, in plans of an early morning start on crossing the Grand Bahama Bank. When we woke the wind was not from the west, but the north which meant it would soon be from the east, probably by the time we would be exiting the bank, and that wouldn't be good. The weatherman had added an extra day of good weather..oops. So we decided to stay, catch up on some recreation and boat organizing. Tentatively we will probably be heading out Thursday morning now, no biggie, it's still pretty nice here... Just kidding it's very nice!

So today we went for an excursion. we got the dinghy set up better for having fun, and headed out to check out the north island. What a wonderfully sunny day. We tried to get into the "Healing Hole", unfortuantely we timed the tides wrong, and would have had to hiked in in deep water. We went to the north east side and hung out on the beach for lunch, we saw lots of sting rays, baracudas, and even turtles. Dexter had tons of fun, and even started chewing a tree, some habits never die. We also took a pic of an Eagle Ray. Actually Jennie also saw one leap out of the water yeaterday. They glide across the water and have really cool yellow dots on them.

As promissed, pics.

 Beautiful sunsets

 Dexter's new position on the dinghy

 Chest deep water, that looks inches deep

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