Monday, 5 March 2012

St. Augustine

St. Augustine is a bustling tourist town. With old spanish era buildings, and tonsof touristy shops. We found out that everything is closed on sundays which was a bit of a bummer. What was open was all the tourist shops, so we went walking. There was a really old pharmacy Jennie liked, and a cool sword and weapon store. Ahhh America. They had a lot of stores that sold cigars rolled by cubans... I think it's time for  America to realize they won, and Cuba is poor. Time to get over the actions of our forefathers and deal with the people who are here and alive today.

I digress, the photos are all funny shapes and sizes, sorry the tabletis being funny. When we finally get our long range piece and it all rigged I will edit. Until then if you click on the photos I think you can view their original sizes.

Jennie and I discussed the situation and have decided that offshore is better than the intercoastal in our boat. So we're gonna pick a weather window and cruise down to Lake Worth that way, no more groundings and bad anchorages. It's just not that nice in the ICW to put up with it. The boat was made for offshore, so that's what we'll let her do. Plus it's easier on the mechanical stuff. We will probably leave Wednesday of Thursday, weather dependent.

Time for boat work.....

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