Friday, 9 March 2012

So a slight change of plans, we're really becoming cruisers now. We left Weds to head out the St. Augustine inlet to bemet with incoming winds and swell, and an out going tide. The wind was 25, which we knew, it was just that the channel was small and shallow. By the time we got to the second last buoy we were taking waves over the bow, and could only see breakers ahead. So we turned around and went back in, set the hook and slept.

The weather was similar the next day, so we got up early and went down the intercoastal. We also found out one of our gel cell batteries is done, or a least needs to be equalized which is near impossible on a gel cell. We had a nice trip down, and saw our first manatee, and many more. They are barely above the water and pretty oblivious to everything around them. No wonder they are getting hit by fast and oblivious speed boats. We saw more dolphins and even the water colour started to change. It was a good day.

When we got to Daytona Beach the wind was opposite the current and we had a very frustrating anchor in 7 to 9 ft of water. It seems odd to anchor in so little water, but it was low tide and we were dealing with a less than 2 ft tide. All was well.

We just dinghyed in to town, found a dock to tie to, and found out that it is biker week in Daytona. Super cool, tons of motor cycles and bikers everywhere.

A couple of beach bums walking around the leather clad.
Mmmm Morning mists.

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