Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The motors are both running, and Dave is very happy. Now all we need is that wi fi piece, we're still working on it, and our place to sell.

We walked up to the "sailor's exchange" today. For those of you who are not cruisers, this isn't some hawaii shirted gay bar, but a used boating goods store. This place is one of the best I've seen, so much stuff. We walked up there, and then over to an auto parts store to get more fuses for the macerator pump and a second spare primary fuel filter. I put tank cleaner in, so a change may be coming soon. Trying to find a pay phone this day and age is difficult. The one we found had the telephone removed and smelt like a urinal.. pass. It is amazing how difficult some tasks are, like getting a part in the mail. Not an issue at home, but a real pain while cruising. Another is shopping for stuff, it either requires a long walk or a bus ride with crazy people. Jennie went to wal-mart on the sunshine bus yesterday, and has mental patients and a solid domestic dispute (think Jerry Springer) to keep her entertained. I spent the day learning all the parts of our motor.

This morning the motor almost had me again, but I realized I had froggotten to replace the spring on the cut off. Fixed, and vroom, problem solved. No more leaking of fuel, no more hissing, right operating temp, all new filters, one happy motor. For now.

As per request, we have added some goofy photos. Jennie and I looking very Scandinavian, a real sword store, and some old time medicine. We need to get better pictures, some are good, but we are busy doing boring things and forget to bring along a camera.

Just a couple of Canoe sterned Helly Hansen Wearing Vikings!
Any Sword you desire for your pirating needs.

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