Tuesday, 7 February 2012

We made it! We're exhausted..... It took us 79.5, and google maps cannot estimate accurate drive times at all. It was supposed to take us 48 hrs of actual driving, I put the actual drive time somewhere around 70 hrs. Jennie and i didn't sleep much; she slept probably 5 hrs per day and me I slept maybe 3 per day. We got to the boat, made the bed and slept for 5 hrs.

The van made it without any major issues. We think the transmission is on it's last legs, it's not a big fanof shifting in and out of third gear. I think the Rockies took it's toll on old Cindy. However, we never had to stop for mechanical repairs over 5000 kms. Jennie did manage to max out the speedometer once down a hill in the Rockies. Before you get to impressed, it only goes to 140kms/hr (85mph), and that was down the east slope of the Rockies. Other highlights include some amazing sunrises in Idaho and Kansas. Oh and we were completely surprised by the size of the mountains in Tennessee and Georgia. For the most part driving the interstates from corner to corner is pretty boring, even the Rockies in Wyoming weren't very impressive. We did dive up to 9000ft, which is pretty cool.

The boat looks really nice, for sitting for a year. I'm so glad we didn't get a bigger boat, I was quickly reminded of the work boats require.... Should be a fun couple weeks in the boat yard.

We should get a good sleep tonight.

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