Friday, 3 February 2012

We left Horseshoe Bay last night in a flurry of last minute packing. Now we are at Jennie's folks place in Chiliwack. A few last minute items to check off the list, and repacking the van. Packing in daylight is a lot easier than at night, and repacking everything at once is easier than a few things at a time over many weeks; just a tip. The sun is shining and the forecast is looking favourable, maybe a little help from above (thanks Matt) who knows. We're heading out tomorrow, we didn't want to start a journey on a Friday.

I know what you're thinking, "superstitions, stupidstitions!" Well to phrase it for those who don't understand, why not do a few little things and perhaps it won't turn out poorly. We didn't change the name of the boat, because of superstition, laziness, and having to do a silly cerimony. The point where superstition becomes an issue is when you want to do things your way, but you need to do special ceremonies to overcome your wants and supertitions. I'd rather schedule to leave on a Saturday and not change the name of our boat thatn wear stupid hats and read poems and verse to the gods.

I digress, tomorrow we leave. Yay!!!! The adventure begins. Wish us luck, more importantly wish the van luck.

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