Thursday, 9 February 2012

Here we are in Green Cove Springs Florida, working on getting to know our boat, like where the switch for the fridge is (apparently putting it with the other switches is a dumb idea). I spent the day sanding and painting the bottom, I still have half the bottom to go. We got our boat moved to the "work" yard portion of the marina. Before we were in the long term storage yard, and were not supposed to sleep on the boat in that yard, we received a stern finger wagging and were told to never do that again. I agreed 100% and asked if again if our boat could be moved to the work yard.

Things definitely move slower down here. Three boat lists in a day is a busy day. People come and chat all the time and everyone is really easy going. Old timers love giving young guys advice, and there are plenty of old timers around. Cypraea is right in front of all the action which means a short trip to the washrooms, but a lot of attention from passers by. Dexter loves it though, lots to keep him entertained during the day.

Dexter is getting use to living on the hard. The first night he tried jumping off the boat instead of letting me carry him down. Now he is very hesitant to come near the ladder, and has a very grumpy look on his face as I carry him down. He gets over it quickly, for after awkward ladder carry time comes walk time. We walk along the 300 yard piers here. At first Dex is super confident, but as we get further down he starts getting scared and walks lower to the ground. Super cute.

 Oh and I can write this now because it all turned out ok, but Jennie lost my wedding ring! I was sanding and covered in toxic dust when I realized that I was wearing my wedding ring. Last time I painted a boat bottom with it on it took 6 months for the paint to come off. So I gave it to Jennie and asked her to take care of it. This evening I finish up and take the D for a walk, when I get back to the boat and ask her for it.....Oh no.... It wasn't in her hoodie pocket. Jennie had a busy day dealing with the galley, and having to deal with her dirty needy husband, me. So we had a quiet freak out, she never put it anywhere after, she just left it in the pocket. We walked around the boat yard and looked through her purse. Then I asked if that was the hoodie she was wearing when I gave her the ring, BINGO! We found it and no boat yard domestic occurred, boy are we maturing these days.

 By the way I think it's time for a hair cut. I may be starting to get some seriously toxic dreds. (oh and I get it, I put a tyvek suit on after sanding. So kids don't do this at home)

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