Monday, 16 January 2012

Why sailing and why so far?

I didn't grow up sailing, and neither did Jennie. I never really grew up traveling to foreign places, unless you count Marquette Michigan in March. Jennie travelled once to New Zealand for a month and she still can't stop talking about the great time she had there. My dad when he was in his twenties travelled to Switzerland for 6 months and still talks about his time. Many people go travelling, but when you travel you have a choice: you can travel to a nice destination and bring your culture and lifestyles with you, or you can bring an open mind and learn and observe from the places you go and the people you meet. Sailing seemed to be a great medium of travel to go to places where tourist traps are not set, and where people see each other as opportunities to better themselves internally than increase their observable wealth. 

Sailing was something I read about, when I was in grade school I read "The Dove" and idolized Robin Lee Graham, I read Horatio Hornblower, and other books about young men sailing the world.  Maybe that's why I want to do this while I'm young, there seems to be more opportunity to grow as a person. So as a boy I strived to learn to sail, I took our little Sabot out, and took lessons at the local yacht club. There's nothing like the feeling of hiking out with a small sailboat heeling under your legs and spray hitting your face.  The other aspect of sailing I liked was how you were alone, when it's just you out there on the water, no noise, no people, just you and mother nature. So I have tried to get Jennie into this too, and she enjoys it, but for her own reasons. So sailing it is.

Distance can be a measure of many things. It is the space between two objects, but to define space is well beyond my abilities. In our world distance is as one perceives it to be. Perhaps by broadening our minds we will shorten these distances.

In our efforts to get here we have faced many challenges, moments of truth.We've lost loved ones, and made mistakes. We have rolled the dice a few times and taken the outcome as they lay. However each day that goes by now, and we get closer to our dream, we are building back our confidence. The reality is just now starting to set in, though not fully. We will face many challenging times, and will constantly be pushing our boundaries. But isn't that life, isn't that truly our only option.

So for those of you who are asking (either to yourself or to me) why sailing and why go so far? I say to you; why not sailing? And is it really that far?

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