Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ok, so Jennie and I have been doing some serious thinking, communicating, brain storming, and we have had enough. So we are working out an itinerary, and our trip should, all going well, start in the near future. So far we know the boat has to leave Florida (1 day sail to Georgia) by Feb. 28th. So on our plate at the moment is:

  • Wrap up old life
  • Drive across USA 
  • Provision boat, go through boat, get rid of stuff we don't need, sell van
  • Boat Maintenance (decks, bottom paint, clean inside, recert Ipirb battery)
  • Sail to Georgia (buy gas with boat name on receipt)
  • Sail to Bahamas (down FL coast, across Gulf Stream)
Then the Plan is to sail the Bahamas, then Peurto Rico and USVI, then Panama (see where our finances are at might come home and work for a bit), Canal, Costa Rica (1 year) and I think this might be planning to far ahead we will see. The goal is to eventually get to New Zealand, but we need to deal with a few things here first. Many small steps is easier than one big jump, unless that jump is an airplane, an airplane ride to New Zealand would be easier.

Wish us luck, we will need it.

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