Friday, 27 January 2012

The last inch is a mile

Heard of this one? Well Jennie and I are living it. Visiting family and friends, waiting on a few last bits of paperwork, and packing up the last stragglers of our personal belongings. It's like when you are a kid and you have to wait to leave for school after all the pressure to get ready to go. Life has us waiting at the moment.

So in my state of laziness I have been cruising the sailing blogs, and getting to know the online community of sailors/cruisers. A very opinionated crowd, I think this will get very interesting once I get going on some of my "rants" here on the blog.

A lot of people talk about doing these trips and have lofty aspirations. I don't get why people need to pass judgement on how they should go about it. To each their own I say. When we look at our original goals to where we've got to now, the plan had changed many times. I think the important part is to have a goal in mind (like go cruising), and work really hard. The rest takes care of itself.

The food situation is interesting. Have you ever tried to eat everything in your fridge. I did it once over a 2 month period in college when I was broke. You start to eat some interesting items. Breakfast sausages, old frozen veggies, artificial lobster meat, tomato soup, red river oatmeal; and I haven't even gotten to what's in the liquor cabinet.

So far the plan is to leave mid next week and officially start our trip Sat. To get into the cruising mindset, we are going to be flexible on these dates, as long as it's not a Friday.

Sorry about the lack of pictures. We have set ourselves up to provide excellent multimedia during our trip, but taking pictures of us slowly working away in the basement is not very exciting. But next weekend we might be in the rockies, that should be nice. So stay tuned for some good stories and great pics, and maybe I'll persuade Jennie to write an entry about how to get your wife into cruising. She has offered, but has been slow to follow through.

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