Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy new year to everyone. People believe that new years are a time for fresh starts, and I really hope they're right. I didn't stay up till midnight, I crashed around 10ish. We went up to Gambier for New years eve which takes a bit of effort, but we had a wonderful dinner with some family, and slept in our little guest cabin warmed by the heat or a wood burning stove.

Jennie and I go up to our family cabin every new years. The city is too expensive and not that much fun. We decided to bring in the new year quietly looking over the ocean and the mountains. Plus this new year without Matt was a little rough, not a good time to be drinking. Turning into an emotional drunk on new years, and wandering around in public is not my cup-a-tea.

So on new years day, my Dad and I fell a fir tree on the property for firewood next year. It was maybe 20 inches diameter at the butt. The only snag was it got snagged in a tree and didn't actually fall, just a 110ft tree leaning on a branch... yikes! So we put our heads together and cut a big maple wedge and sledged it off the stump. TIMBER! What a grand noise when a tree falls. We spent today bucking it up into rounds, even Jennie took a few goes at the chainsaw, very impressive.

Now Dexter's new year was heaven. He got to run around in front of the ATV's. He has to lead them otherwise he gets really mad, when I over took him (and he runs pretty quick) he growled and barked at me while running full speed. The one thing we noticed when getting home was the bag of chocolates was missing. Dexter had got into the garbage saturday before leaving, and hidden in the carnage left on the kitchen floor, hallway, and living room was the mass of chocolate wrappers. He had eaten half a bag of christmas chocolates! We would never have noticed if it weren't for the few red wrappers sitting on the couch and the missing chocolates. Isn't chocolate supposed to be poison for dogs... I don't know how Dex does it, but he has an iron gut. He had the best weekend in a while, and it all started with a belly full of chocolates. That's our D.

Here's to a new year, may it's good memories far surpass the bad ones.

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