Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Amidst all the tragedy, Jennie and I have still been working towards our dream, and we know that's what Matt would have wanted. In fact Matt did want us to go on this trip, so he could have been a part of it. So before Matts passing we had arranged to buy a boat in Florida. Offer, purchase agreement, and deposit were all done. At 2:30 am Dec 2, 2011 we were informed of Matthew's passing, and had to make a decision. Jennie was to leave in 25 hrs to fly down to Florida to finalize the purchase of our new boat. I told her to go, we can't stop trying to achieve our dream. She was worried about me, but we had lots of friends and family around to help so away she went.

Everything was booked, and hopefully I can get her to write about her trip, but in the mean time I will go over the important details. Jennie and her mom were making it a mother daughter trip, and were going to spent a few days in the sunshine and by the beach. Tuesday was the earliest we could arrange for haul-out (actually it was already out so more like haul-in).

******This is why a week ago I put good news to come soon, unfortunately really really bad news came first. I didn't mean to make it sound like my brothers death was good news.******

The good news is, we're now back to being more of a sailing blog, we have a sailboat again! Cypraea, is a 36ft Union Polaris Cutter. She looks good, and she was taken care of by devoted owners, and she's fully equipped for cruising. A fresh water boat for her first 15 years, and then regularly cruised for 10 years after that. She was taken out and put on the hard through hurricane season, and has obviously been well taken care of. Jennie and I are both very excited.

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