Thursday, 24 November 2011

Two nights ago there was an animal party in the front yard. Dexter always has to be let out to pee before bed time. Tuesday night was a dark, rainy, windy night; neither of us wanted to get up to let Dex pee, but eventually Jennie did after a fierce game of dibs not.

lying in bed all of a sudden all hell breaks loose in our 25ft by 40ft yard full of trees and bushes. Dexter starts running around like a black shadow in the night. Something runs around the side of the house smashing through the little gate, Jennie and I are yelling at the D to get back inside. A raccoon twice the size of Dexter runs up a tree, and small black bear is taking it all in. I guess we should have cleaned up the fallen apples from the apple tree...oops.

Dexter finally comes inside, and is totally amped and cover in mud. Thankfully no bleeding, raccoons are notoriously vicious. Dexter had not peed, and he didn't until Jennie went outside in the morning to check it out first. He didn't go number two for a day and a half he was so scared a bunch of wild animals would jump him.

Very comical, but we're just glad that Dexter is not hurt. Good thing mama bear was not in the yard too, or worse a skunk.

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