Sunday, 20 November 2011

Situation Update: Apartment still not sold, but market seems to be picking up a tad. Living in a cluttered basement going mad. Realized that the saying 90% of life is showing up is true, but only for those who want to know the place they are going to die with a 90% probability. We are putting along.

I am relating to way to many Jimmy Cliff songs lately.... maybe it's a sign.

Anyways as we sit here in limbo, we have been getting some stuff done.

We did a little shopping run, in hopes that buying the stuff we need while we have an income will allow us to be cheap when we are dependent on a fixed income during the prime of our life. We purchased a few things that were on sale, and on our list.  We bought a spare GPS, newer model, but this provides us with a complete back up navigation system (2 laptops with mapping programs, and two GPS both interchangeable). We also purchased a pair of automatic trim tabs for our dingy. That was it, pretty good for a run to the marine stores and we saved $200 off the regular price total of these two items.

Today I installed the trim tabs, our little RIB is looking fierce. I have been reading a few blogs, that you can get to through links on the right side, and they all seem to stress the importance of an appropriate yacht to land private shuttle. I bought a 8 or 9 ft aluminum rigid inflatable dinghy for our last sailboat, and we got a new Yamaha 6hp 4-stroke outboard for it. It is a little small for the two of us and a dog and gear, but it can plane with a full tank of gas, me and the dog. I wanted to make it get on plane a little quicker and with more weight, so I looked into solutions. I came up with bigger boat and engine (not in our price range), hydrofoil for the motor(having to drill holes in the leg of a brand new 6hp..not going to happen), and trim tabs. We went with the trim tabs. The options were pretty slim, there were ones that were 2ft long and resembled paddles, or ones that were 8"x8" and didn't stick out past the rear pontoons. We chose the smaller ones. I posted some shots of the bad boys. Even if they don't work to well, they sure look like they would.

I'm also getting stoked to learn how to surf; it's gonna be one hell of a workout. I think I should take to it pretty quick considering I spent half my teenage life balancing on a 2" ski. Never the less it looks to be very technical and right up my alley.

Everybody help us pray to the gods that our apartment sells, and these blogs will be way more interesting. 

Items for sale:

small chest freezer (in mint condition)  -$100
1987 mercury 2-stroke outboard (probably will run, but who knows how long) - make an offer
14-18ft boat trailer (new axel and tires, no lights) - $200
beige micro fiber hid-a-bed couch (good condition) - $250

If you know anyone who wants these things let us know.

Dinghy Pics!

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