Saturday, 12 November 2011

Jennie and I have been married for one year. Pretty awesome stuff. We had became the perfect yuppie couple. We had two full-time jobs that made us miserable, we had a condo in a up and coming urban neighborhood, a dog, two vehicles and a boat parked down the street. We had a family cabin we could sail to if we ever got time off work.

And that brings us to the issue of time. Sure we had what people our age strive for the most, but no time to enjoy it together.  We took stock of our dreams and our aspirations, and came to realize we were just content achieving goals others had imposed. We went to jobs where your capabilities were second to your dependencies on others. We are two very independent individuals, intelligent and entrepreneurial; what were we doing working hard hours for other people, and not actually making any progress on the job. And the privileges we worked so hard to acquire were restrained from use by jobs that require subservience before ability and results, not allowing time to enjoy them.

So what will year two have in store for us, when we move that proverbially bolder, what will be released from the cave. We are striving to go on a trip to distant places, with warm tropical breezes and interesting indigenous people. But will we find just what we have left behind. I know mentalities that preach fear and responsibilities, goals and acquisitions will be there, literally building their castles in the sand. But it will be the smallest things that I will cherish the most. Spending more time with Jennie, the smell of the ocean, the rhythm of the sea, and the colours. We look forward to leaving behind the grey damp cold. But for now we listen to others fears, go to work, and do what we're told.

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