Monday, 21 November 2011

Jennie and I are slowly wadding into the boat buying and selling world again.....I really want to buy this one for keeps, the stress of negotiating prices on chattels that people may or may not hold so close to their heart is nerve racking. So we're heading into this one with our head up, slowly, and with a lot more experience under our belt. So we're just getting our energy level and confidence back up to start heading into the dragon's den again.

The boats we like are full cut away keel, heavy displacement hulls, with classic looks; Cabo Rico's, Hans Christians, and Tayanas. Finding one is easy, but finding one that someone actually wants to sell at a reasonable price is not easy. However, we've been to this rodeo before. Wish us luck in our efforts, and hopefully calmer heads will prevail.

After owning our first boat, I realized it is so important to love the look of your boat. Like a trophy wife, it's gonna cost you tons of money, she might as well look good. Here are some pics.

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