Monday, 10 October 2011

What a wet day. It definitely feels like fall with the rain, clouds, and the leaves on the trees changing colour. Ben, Matt, and I decided to spend our holiday Monday up the Squamish river valley attempting our luck at fishing. We tried a few spots, but the fishing was mediocre, and we just really wanted to get out in the woods. Ben hooked a few fish and landed a nice little Dolley Varden trout. There were some Coho running to, which he hooked. Our hooks and our skills are a little rusty.

We needed to stop off at Canadian Tire to pick up a fishing license, but it was closed and we needed to kill 20 minutes untill it opened. We went and got coffee at the Starbucks next door. While we were waiting 5 nuns came in. We don't see nuns too often, we were a little taken aback at the sight. Not in a bad way, more of a, 'I can't believe Christians are allowed to do this in our country I thought only immigrants were allowed to flaunt their faith here,' way. So we headed over to Canadian Tire and guess who was there, the nuns. Why are nuns in Canadian Tire? New spark plugs? We got the license we needed, and headed up into the Squamish Valley.

As we were driving we got stuck between this slow Mazda people mover.  They turned off the road we did, and guess who it was... The nuns! and we drove behind them for 20 min up the Squamish valley, we were so baffled by when they were going to turn off. They just kept driving deeper and deeper into the boonies. As we were driving the radio station, the only one available out there, started playing a song about getting to the church on time. It was all fairly funny. The nun's were driving like maniacs down this windy wet road filled with potholes. They ended up turning off on the place before the logging road starts. Wow, I guess Canada's convents are log cabins, not gigantic renaissance cathedrals.

It was a very west coast day today, and we had a great time catching up on things and fishing. I am really glad Dex isn't the kind of dog to roll in stinky stuff, because there were rotten salmon carcasses everywhere. Instead he has to strip the bark off every branch he sees, it can be pretty intimidating. It is nice to see a tired puppy today, that's for sure.

These pics are from our Olympus point and shoot.

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