Sunday, 16 October 2011

Today started off slow, showed the boat today, hopefully for the last time. Definitely learning that we can  really low ball offers on our next boat. Owning a smaller boat was definately a smart decision. We got to go through the hard lessons at a fraction the cost. Next time around we will be far more aware of what we are getting into, and that's good because the cost will be much higher.

 Jennie took some pictures of the marina, and me on the boat.  I am definitely starting to look like a sailing bum.

Jennie and I were discussing that what we have gone through/going through in the past year and a half should have sent us into the loony bin. Organizing our wedding, on our own, with some very potentially explosive dysfunctional family members. Buying a boat, learning whether cruising life is for us, fixing a boat, and selling a boat. Having a close family member suddenly pass away. Losing a full time job, while the other half works a job well below their capability (for the second time in 3 years). Renovate an apartment, and in the process of selling the apartment. You add in a chronic pain injury, and you have a serious recipe for a mental break down. And with all this austerity we are still moving forward towards our dreams, pretty awesome. We are definitely feeling the momentum building in our flywheel of life. Who knows where this inertia will take us?

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