Thursday, 27 October 2011

Posting # 2 today... It's my day off, so interesting things happen.  We went to look for a van. Something simple, older, domestic, and in relatively decent condition. So we found a 1990 chevy power wagon rally stx. This thing has two captains chairs, and a bench seat. Everything is in decent working shape except the turn signals on one side don't work. The heat works, but the cabin lights don't.  Oh and there is a huge chip in the windshield. We hope we can get away without fixing the windshield, but it shouldn't be too expensive if we have to. In fact nothing should be too expensive to replace.

We may have to take it slow, but our other options are: flying and having our stuff shipped and staying at hotels and using rental cars, or renting a uhaul. Both options would cost well over 5 grand. I think 4 or 5 days driving in a sketchy van with 360000 kms on it is ok, come on 360000 kms, she's a survivor.

This van is essentially the same van the A-team drove, if it's good enough for Mr. T, it must be good enough for the D. Here are some pics of the beauty!

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