Thursday, 27 October 2011

Long time no write... we have been just going through the days, waiting for our place to sell. Markets are starting to perk up so hopefully things will go soon. Jennie yesterday transcribed a letter her Grandpa found. One of her great uncles wrote this to his sister during WW1.  The context is amazing, we definitely over value human life these days.

St. Martins, Shorncliffe England
June 30, 1916

Dear Sister Eva
            I received your letter yesterday, I was sure glad to hear from you & to know you & mother are well. Well Eva I know you sure had some kick coming at me for not writing, but you know, I kept putting it off so much that I was almost ashamed to write at all, but I will sure do better after this. Well Eva you can’t amagine how sorry I was to loose George, but you know we are in the army now, of course I could have got him in the transport a groom, we were full up of drivers but short a groom, & he took quiet awhile to think it over & by that time he was picked for the draft that went to Bramshortt, well I am glad he is with Art. Now, I got a card from him every few days, I have been thinking of going up to Whitley to see him, but I cannot get away for a few weeks yet, you see our transport officer is in the trenches now, as we are not entitled to an officer over here, I am Corporal now & our Sergeant is away taking a course, to go to France as Farrier instructor, that will take him another four or five weeks, then I will be made Transport Seargent, in the mean time I have my hands full, as I am in charge of the Transport Polumm (polum) myself, say Eva you ought to see my saddle Horse, he sure is a dandy. I have been over quiet a bit of this country already on business of course but I made out quiet a bit of fun just the same. Say Eva you ought to hear the noise that goes on sometimes, last night I woke up & thought I could hear thunder, but it was only the guys across the line shooting their fire works you know. Say it make a fellow feel mean when you hear them going at it like that, and then just look around & you see all your friends hiking off with their guns & packs just a hundred or so at a time & the next day or so hear so & so killed or so & so wounded, that is in one way I was glad Geo. Went when he did so he missed going over so soon, you know I should be there now but the way I am fixed now I guess I will be here for a while now alright, & I am not very sorry because I sure want to get back with out my head blown off. You know I want to see little Francis &  that big boy Douglas. Say Eva wait until you see him & me going off on a hunting trip. Ethel sent me a photo of him also one of herself & the two little ones. I sent Ethel a little package with a broach in for you, I will get Mother something soon.  Now you & Mother must not worry about us, as I will watch myself alright & Geo. & Art. Will be alright on their job so we will come back alright, when I go to France I will go with three stripes to the base, providing all goes well.  Well I guess I will (leave) now & I hope to get a letter soon, hoping this finds you both well I remain your Effect. Brother Jack.

Address  Corporal Mac Farlane
no                 Transport Srt.
464147            62nd. Batt. C.C.7
            Army P.O. London England

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