Sunday, 30 October 2011

Jennie and I, though known to have a good time, are not real drinkers. Last night we went to a Halloween party, which was fun, and a good time to see people before leaving. Well the folks were my high school friends, and my best mate Ben's sister's friends (she happens to be one of my sister's best friends too). So Jennie and I hit the costume box for some ideas, we ended up going as Axel Rose and Sailor Moon, I wont get into who was who.

It really amazes us, the different social demographics showing up to these things, as well as how people interact with each other. There is the affluent, sheltered from real life crowd, who grew up in house holds filled with A types, and are needy for attention or fell better when they cut others down. Or there are the having a good time, induced by booze crowd, which I'm totally cool with (except when it comes to playing drinking games at a table all night... uggg). And then there are the chilled crowd who just socialize and talk, which is the way to go at a house party. Anyways Jennie and I enjoy the people watching and socializing.

Funny story of the night goes something like this... Jennie finds a firework that shoots out colourful balls of fire 40 or 50 ft into the air, or whichever direction you point it.  She has never lit one of these roman candles off before, so I had to help her find the wick. After it's lit, it sparks for a while before shooting 8 flaming projectiles at 30ft per second in the direction you point it. Well some A type attention seeking drunk comes out side just as it's about to start spitting fire balls and announces "Your pointing it the wrong way!". Well Jennie was a little on edge, not knowing what was going to happen, so she turn 180 degrees and the first one shoots right at the jerk off. Then she immediately turns around once realizing how it works and shoots the rest off into the air. Well, Mr. Ego start throwing a temper tantrum and kicks or throws a bottle at Jennie, nothing serious and I'm pretty sure he didn't hit her, or Jennie would have knocked him to the floor; it's been known to happen she grew up on the Prairies surrounded by boys whom suffer from ADD.  Mr. Ego spent the rest of the evening sulking with his super insecure girlfriend, and they left early. We left once the blood alcohol levels got too high, and headed home. Alcohol is by far the dumbest and most dangerous drug in the world, when abused. But it does have a wonderful effect when appropriately consumed.

Also in a side note to the WW1 letter, Jennie found out from her Grandpa that that was the last correspondence from his uncle jack before he died in the field.

Jennie is really having a good time with her grandpa lately finding out out all she can about their family history. Hopefully we will get some pics to put up. I know there are some of when her family was more affluent before the great depression, and they went travelling in the south pacific, super cool!

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